leetcode Question: Linked List Cycle

Linked List Cycle

Given a linked list, determine if it has a cycle in it.
Follow up:
Can you solve it without using extra space?


Currently the best way I can figure out is the classic two pointers.
One pointer is slow (1 step a time)
One pointer is fast (2 steps a time)
If there is a cycle, the two pointers will eventually meet (equal).


 * Definition for singly-linked list.
 * struct ListNode {
 *     int val;
 *     ListNode *next;
 *     ListNode(int x) : val(x), next(NULL) {}
 * };
class Solution {
    bool hasCycle(ListNode *head) {
        // IMPORTANT: Please reset any member data you declared, as
        // the same Solution instance will be reused for each test case.
        if (!head){return false;}
        ListNode* p=head;
        ListNode* q=head;
        while(q->next && q->next->next){
            if (p==q){return true;}
        return false;

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